At Ready Set Suppers our goal is to provide delicious meals that are convenient and affordable. We work hard to keep costs around what you would normally spend for a home-cooked dinner while giving you the added benefit of taking care of all of the time intensive prep work. We find the recipes and put together meal suggestions, go shopping for all of the ingredients and will even clean up after you when you’re done! That just leaves you the easy part of assembling ten meals in about two hours at one of our fun workshops!

Ready Set Suppers has a two-tiered pricing system. We try to keep the majority of our meals in the lower price range, but due to the cost of some ingredients several meals cost a little more:

Standard Meal - $

$275Per Serving

Premium Meal - $$

$350Per Serving
A serving is calculated at approximately ½ pound of meat, so a 2-servings meal has 1 pound of meat, a 4-serving meal has 2 pounds of meat, and a 6-serving meal has 3 pounds of meat. If you have children you can probably purchase less servings since most children won’t eat a full portion.

In order to keep our costs low we do require all attendees to make at least eight of the ten offered meals, but for the meals you choose you can purchase any combination of 2, 4, or 6 servings.