Who is Ready Set Suppers for?


Cooking for one can be hard and time-consuming when you live by yourself. Let Ready Set Suppers help by providing all of the ingredients for flavorful and delicious meals that you can make in small, 2 serving meals that are perfect for dinner and then lunch the next day!

Two Careers

When both adults in a household work who wants to come home from a busy day at the office and cook dinner? The meals you prepare at Ready Set Suppers will be ready to go into your slow cooker in the morning and you will have dinner waiting for you when you get back in the evening.


A new baby is an adorable bundle of joy, but babies also take up A LOT of time and energy. With all the care a baby needs, who has time to find new recipes, go grocery shopping, and then come home and cook dinner? Let Ready Set Suppers help you by stocking your freezer with easy meals so that you can spend more time with your precious little one.


Although almost everyone knows the importance of having dinner together as a family, everyone also knows how hard it can be when everyone is running in a different direction. Ready Set Suppers helps make family dinner easy, plus it’s much less expensive and healthier than fast food or take-out!